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sweet delight

FENG CHA blends tea’s natural and harmonious spirit and modern and healthy concept, to create a new style of cafe that offers relaxing store atmosphere and healthy food and drinks.

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取“奉茶”之名,寓指用行业最高的标准,一丝不苟的出品规范,追求每一杯茶饮的极致完美 / 以奉感人,以诚动人 / 重新定义世界好茶

  • 奥利奥芝士
    Oreo Cheese
    Milk Tea
    Enjoy the exquisite savor of our milk tea selection
    and start your day with a heady teaste of a strong
    and spicy cup of delight
  • 茉莉苹果
    Jasmin Apple
    Green Tea
    Delicate crispy taste of the finest coffee grains is
    combined with fresh creamy milk, poured right on
    cooling ice for serving
  • 奉茶芝士蛋糕
    Cheese Cake
    Locally Made
    Every cup is a performance of throroughly pressured hot
    water through the finest delicious and finely
    ground compacted coffee
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3278 Midland Ave #D110
Scarborough. Ontario. CA